1-VS-1 GONG-MATCH - Constantly hiding in the shadows two Ninja trainees have to beat each other tricking their rival in getting hit by a gong soundwave!
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Two controllers are required to play!


  • D-Pad - Movement

  • A - Reveal yourself

How to play

  1. Count your steps! You and your opponent are both invisible. If you have lost yourself hit the A button on your contoller.
  2. Try to guess your opponent's position by paying close attention to the map: grass and water puddles will react whenever you or your opponent walk over them!
  3. When you think your opponent is close to it, walk over the Gong and let them be hit by the soundwave!

Matteo Romanelli - CODE

Michele Villani - CODE

Christopher Sacchi - CODE / ZEN GARDENING / VOICE

Marco Giammetti - AAHHRRTT

Luca Di Gennaro - MUSIC / SOUND

Thanks Chiara for the Jam Cookies!

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