Blind Blades

"Blind Blades" is a top-down couch game* in which two to four players incarnate ninjas and compete in a deadly fight. Nobody sees the avatars but only the waves they create by moving, attacking or throwing a decoy. You will be forced to use all of your cunning to defeat your opponents and become the best ninja! The first player to reach 10 kills win the game. *Games with reasonably strong and enjoyable local multiplayer content (Co-operative and Competitive).
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
We used 3DS Max for the 3D models.
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip the folder "BlindBlades" in ""
Open it and run the file "BlindBlades.exe"

/!\ Xbox Controllers & 2 players minimum necessary to play.

In Game Controls:


Left Stick: Move your character
Right Stick: Rotate your character
X (hold): Sneak (you make no waves when you move)


RB: Attack
LB: Throw a decoy (hold down then release the button to throw the decoy furthrer)

Rules: You have to kill 10 opponents to win the game!

  • Valentin Capitaine - Project Manager & Programmer
  • Slymane Houzali - Game Designer & Programmer
  • Julien Lorans - Game Designer & Programmer
  • Nicolas Pankowiak - Game Designer & Level Designer
  • Guillaume Lucas - Game Designer & Sound Designer
  • Tim Guthmann - Game Artist
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