Ever wonder how noise cancelling headphones work? Well wonder no more! Our game follows the thrilling heroics of a Noise Canceller; defending the wearer's ears from any stray noises. Jam along to the music while using your mighty Phase Hammer abilities and collecting powerups to destroy any approaching noise that would DARE enter the sacred stream of music! But be warned: if you let too many through, the Bearer of the Headphones will grow displeased with you, and we wouldn't want that. --Requires an Xbox controller to play
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Uses XBox Controllers.
Installation Instructions: 

Just download it and run the .exe! Be sure to have an Xbox, or Xbox emulated, controller on hand!


Andrew Smith
Chris Heyerdahl 
Michael Dillabough
Siobhan Cordy

Special Thanks To:

Nick Burns' Xbox One Controller

Christian Floisand - Beat Synch Script

Steve Dunn - Convert Animated Gif To Sprite Sheet


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