Beely the Bat

Beely is a very special bat. He identifies himself as a nature lover. He likes to see beauty around him by staying next to the plants and animals, but darkness and loneliness are a constant sorrow through his life. Unfortunately, Beely doesn`t seems to fit inside his habitat because caves make him feel very uncomfortable and anxious most of the time. To feel safe and sound, Beely needs to take a break and study his next movements through the darkness of the cave. Help Beely to fight against his insecurity issues and figure out how to reconnect with the bright colors of nature.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Uncompress the file. There is an Executable on the build folder and the resources  are in the Assets folder for Unity Engine. have fun!


Art Team

Ighor Gonzaga

Renato Shkar

Thainah Alves

Design Team


Camila Perazzo

Danilo Freire

Programming Team


Flávio Lima

Rafael Santana

Henrique Lima




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