Bad Beaches!

it was a fine day for a trip to the beach the wind was carrying the nicest of breeze your trusty teddy right there by your side but lo, in the distance, the cruelest of tide the waves have no mercy, for teddies or fur so now the fear, is what that stir by shovel and bucket, its time to fight and by the ocean shore, you will make things right sand-castles and stones, clay and sponges into his fate, our hero plunges defend the beach, with a heroic smirk but brace yourself, 'caus the wave is a jerk. ## THE GAME ## You are having a trip to the beach with your lovely teddybear, soon to realize that teddies dont like the salty waters of the ocean. Build sandcastles and obstacles for the incoming waves to keep him dry. ## THE TEAM ## We are not really your usual team. Half of our team has dyslexia, only one of us have worked with games before, and for most of them, this was first time at a game jam. Instead of the classic setup, we were : A chemist, a pedagogue, a supermarket attendant and one programmer. But we had fun, and was able to get things done. A big thanks goes to ExtraCredits channel for easy-to-understand talks about how to get started and keep the spirit up.
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Lost library card
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Tools and Technologies: 
.Net, Unity (any product)
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Upload server kept crashing, so we ran a bit late. no files changed the last 3 hours before deadline tho. We will ensure the online version ( remains unchanged.

Team Bad Beaches 

  • Anders T. A. Berg
  • Jacob Sandager Larsen
  • Jill Lytken Petersen
  • Nils Gecko Munch
  • Isabel Baeré Pedersen
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