Awesome Wave Free-Fight

Get ready to rumble in this lucha libre fighting game! Use the Playstation Dualshock 4 controller to shake your way to the championship. You control the crowd and the player with the biggest Mexican wave will push the wrestlers to victory.
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To me, to you
MS Windows, Playstation 4
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Art assets created in Maya and Photoshop. Game created on a PS4 devkit using the DualShock4 motion to control the crowd. On PC this is replaced by an analog stick.
Installation Instructions: 

Sony extensions removed due to NDA requirements. Game was made on an official PS4 devkit, using the motion of the controller to control the crowd, but the uploaded PC build uses thumbstick instead. 

Uploaded build also requires two players as there wasn't enough time to add simple A.I. opponent for now.


Conan Bourke: Programming, Design
Shakari Chulyin: 3D Art, UI
Sam Boyce: 2D/3D Art
Lachlan Burns: 3D Art

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