(A microphone is required to play Audiomancer. Use your real voice to move around the environment and kill the teenagers that want to disrupt your peace) A group of strangers has entered your reign of terror and despair. Is your duty to... well, get rid of them. Unfortunately, a curse was thrown upon you and you became blind. You will have to use your voice to recognize the environment and find the intruders, but careful, because they can hear you and if they do, they will try to escape from there. Your voice not only shows the path, it's the way to kill them. To show the path you must speak/shout. To use your spell of wraith you need to press "P" and scream close to an NPC in order to kill him. If you take too much time finding and killing them all, they will escape and everyone will know about you. On the main menu, press any key to start the game. In-game, escape turns the debug mode on (it gets rid of the darkness).
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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