For GGJ 2017! For the topic of waves, I had a concept in mind dealing with waves emitted from units, and how other units respond. Unfortunately, I didn't even get to that part in creating the game yet! However, other parts just before it are here: You are simply an atom, surrounded by other atoms, and there exists 4 different types of interactions possible with them all: gravity can pull you in, electric can push you away, "gel" can coordinate stasis, and ejection can propel you in any direction. And the controls allow you to select which are activated! (see below for controls) Thanks for viewing!
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Photoshop for transparent art.
Installation Instructions: 

Rotate left/right: A, D
Grav waves: Hold J
Elec waves: Hold K
Gel waves: Hold L
Eject: Press ENTER
(^^ ejection was incomplete in animation, so the "pointer" is pointed at the direction where an object would be ejected... therefore, pushing you in the opposite direction)

This is a full Unity project built on Windows. With Unity installed, you may open any of the scene files in the 'Assets' folder.

For an executable to play, look in the 'Builds' folder. The latest is "Waves_1_1".


Created by Christopher Victa

Thank you Global Game Jam, and Oakland Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment!

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Source files: