University of Southern California

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Fri: 5pm-10pm; Sat: 9am-10pm; Sun: 9am-7pm
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We are the Makers of Entertaining Games Association, a student club at USC dedicated to making and talking about games. Welcome to our jam site! We were the largest jam site in the US last year and we hope you'll join us to make it the largest again. Check out the cool guest speakers, judges and opportunities we have ironed in; we’re still locking the last ones in so stay tuned for some more:

Industry Guests:

  • Kickoff Keynote - Kalin from Funktronic Games
  • Judge - Shereef Morse from Tic-Toc Games
  • Judge - Joe Spradley from Psychic Bunny

Company Guests:

  • Oculus (not physical there) suppliers of Gear VR dev kits
  • Google suppliers of Google Chromecasts, tutorials and PIZZA

Facebook Event Link: Join this it’s how we’ll get info out during the event!


Friday (1/29)

5PM: Important information, in person keynote, and digital keynote

6PM: Development commences

Saturday (1/30)

9AM – 10PM: Development continues

Sunday (1/31)

9AM – 3PM: Development time

3PM – 5PM: Game Submissions

5PM – 7PM: Open Arcade 

7PM: Awards and closing ceremonies

Below is some important logistical info if you're from off campus, the school wants to keep George Lucas's building nice so we gotta follow the rules:

  • Enter through the doors facing the courtyard, the doors along the street are always locked. During the weekend all of the doors will be locked, but we will prop open atleast one door for you to get in.
  • Please note that we can't promise the jam site will be open through the night. There is a chance you will be able to stay overnight, but please arrange for housing or transportation just in case.
  • Getting on campus after 9PM requires you to be a student or registered online. If you wish to register please email the organizer and we will have a student register you.


Food Options: 
Access to coffee/beverages and food in close vicinity.
Available Tools or Technology: 
Lab computers with Unity installed, numerous power outlets
Who Can Participate: 
Age Restrictions: 

Recently Uploaded Games

A combination of Leap Motion Controller and Oculus DK2 was used to create an arcade game, featuring 3D surround sound. The scene starts out dark, and enemies walking around you in a circle.
Day:X is a narrative game. During a routine mission, your spaceship's engines have been damaged beyond repair. Drifting, your job is to perform routine maintenance while sending an SOS everyday.
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