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Friday 6pm-2am. Saturday 10am-2am. Sunday 10am - 10pm
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So excited to announce that our 2016 Global Game Jam Keynote address will be with Chris Suellentrop!

Chris Suellentrop is a contributing video game critic for The New York Times and a host of the podcast Shall We Play a Game?


Schedule (Subject to change): 

Wednesday Jan 20th:
6:30pm- 9:30pm - Motion Capture Workshop.

Join interdisciplinary technologist John Henry Blatter as he takes us through the ins and outs of the software and technology of VCU's very own motion capture studio inside the The Depot Building VCU on the ground floor. 

This event is meant to be a pre-cursor to our upcoming event RVA Game Jams/VCU Presents: Global Game Jam - with Chris Suellentrop Keynote. You may only be able to access this technology during the game jam if you attend this workshop first. Appointments for the motion capture studio during the game jam will be limited.

This event will replace our regular bi-monthly meet up at the public library.

This event is FREE but donations can be made


Friday January 29:
2 pm - Video Games & Media Panel Discussion at VCU at the VCUarts Depot. Featuring Ruthie Edwards, ROOT 76, Instant Replay Live and NY Times video game critic, Chris Suellentrop. Moderated by Will Blanton. 
6:00 pm - Keynote lecture with Chris Suellentrop at the VCUarts Depot.
7:30 pm - Team Building - Form your own team or partner up with some new friends.
8:00 pm - Global Game Jam begins. We'll announce the theme, and participants begin work. DO NOT post the theme to any social media outlets or anywhere else online until the theme has been announced in the last time zone.
2:00 am - Venue closes. Get some rest or continue working from home.

Saturday January 30:
10:00 am - Venue opens. Light breakfast served. Participants begin work for the day.
10:00 am - Motion Capture appointments begin. (You must attend theMotion Capture Workshop on 1/20 to access this technology)
2:00 am - Venue closes for the night. Get some rest or continue working from home.

Sunday January 31:
10:00 am - Keep working on your projects! Bring breakfast or snacks to share with others.
8:00 pm - RVA GGJ DEADLINE! Submit your game. 
8:15 pm - Pizza Party! Show and tell! Participants share and play the games they made. Invite your friends and family. 
9:45 pm - Clean up.
10:00 pm - Venue closes.

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Access to food in close vicinity. Drinks and snacks provided on site.
Available Tools or Technology: 
Motion Capture Studio (Limited access. May require training to access)
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