MITGJ#5 X GGJ16 (Taipei City)

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Open for entire 48 hours
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UPDATE2 (2015.12.22)!

The site is currently full! If you haven't registered at our local registration page, please DO NOT register at this page until further notice! Thank you!

UPDATE (2015.12.20)!

我們的 KKTIX 頁面已經開了,請先到下面連結內的頁面報名活動,然後一樣要到這邊來選 "Join This Jam Site" 哦!

Local registration page for the site has gone online! Please check it out:

All the event details are described there. Because it's all written in Traditional Chinese, if you simply just can't finish the registration form and you don't have a Chinese-speaking friend nearby, please contact us and don't worry! We welcome anyone and will do our best to make all attendees as comfortable as possible. And also please note that everyone who want to attend this site are required to finish the registration process on our local reg page, because that's how we organize our jammers and make sure we fit in the venue. If you only register here we won't be able to notice that.

Contact e-mail: igdshare [at]

Co-Host: IGDA Taiwan, Institute for Information Industry, IGDSHARE
Sponsor: Amazon Web Services

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Access to food in close vicinity. Drinks and snacks provided on site.
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