Global Game Jam 16 - Brighton, UK

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Friday 4.30pm - 11pm, then 10am Saturday - 6pm Sunday
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Because of our initial venue issues, we now have 2 venues for the event:

Friday:  5pm - 11pm  you will find us in the Caxton Arms. We have rented a private function room here, and encourage you to get dinner and drinks (as we have a £250 minimum spend, and the Thai food is delicious). We will watch the keynote at around 7pm, and the rest of the evening will be filled with team forming, brainstorming, and maybe a glass of wine.

Saturday: 10am - Sunday 6pm  you will find us in The Skiff. Jam action will begin! We will rewatch the keynote, and have quick introductions. By 11am, you will have registered your upcoming game to the GGJ site and added your team members.

Drinks and snacks will be provided, however you will need to buy your own meals. There are a variety of delicious eateries near by - which we and any local jammers will be more than happy to enthusiastically tell you about - and we are planning to do a group pizza order on the Saturday night.


Global Game Jam is a world wide jam, happening at over 630 sites in 93 countries.  It is the chance to be part of something big.  The Brighton site will be a relaxed affair, and people of all talents, professions and skill levels are welcome.  Any kind of game can be created, including digital, physical and paper - and teams will be formed to work around a theme - announced at 7pm on Friday (but shh - keep it a secret until 5pm in Hawaii!)

No background in tech or previous programming experience is needed - we need artists, sound designers, organisers, writers - and enthusiasm to come up with cool game ideas!  People will be on hand to help out where you need.  We also want encourage diversity at the event - under represented groups from the games industry are especially welcome.  

Drinks, snacks and tech support will all be on hand - and the venue can be open for 24 hours from Saturday through Sunday, to allow for late night jamming.

To sign up - make sure you click the button above!

Pizzas on Saturday night kindly sponsored by Brighton University:

Brighton University

Any questions, just contact @profaniti

There is a safe spaces policy in operation for the event.


Photograph of Hove sunrise from @yezzer

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Access to food in close vicinity. Drinks and snacks provided on site.
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