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50 euros
Open for entire 48 hours
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Create a game in 48 hours! The yearly returning Global Game Jam will take place in Leeuwarden again this year for the 5th time! (or is it the 6th? I lost count). This time the event will once again be held in the beautiful old prison building: De Blokhuispoort.

Location info

The Blokhuispoort is an old prison building, the jam will be held in the cell blocks with a large communal hall where activities like eating and showcasing will take place. A cell can contain 4 people, some cells 5 or 6. There is also on site security (duh, it's a prison!).

All in all, the Blokhuispoort offers an inspiring historical location for all your jamming needs!


It is possible to participate with a preformed team, but you can also create a team on the spot. There's usually a good mix between preformed teams and individual participants and usually the preformed teams are also open to extra team members.


On this jam site there will be a contest running. At the end of the jam, all games are presented and people can play eachothers games. The game is also presented to a jury which will select a winner. The jury will consist of industry professionals and journalists. People can also vote for their favorite game in the audience awards. The prizes will be revealed later.

It is possible to create both digital games and board games. Although, board games will have their own contest because of their fundamental differences from digital games.


It is possible to sleep on location, but you have to bring your own sleeping bag, (air) mattress and accessories. It's not possible to shower on location, there are small sanitary facilities (for brushing teeth, washing face, etc).

Please bring your own equipment:
Power extension chord
UTP cable

The location has wired internet and a low capacity for wifi. Do bring your own network cable!


Meals, coffee and tea will be provided on site and are included with the entry ticket. 

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Meals provided on site.
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