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Open for entire 48 hours
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Trier Game Jam 2016!


**Update 27.1.2016: Registration is closed. You RSVP'd in the Facebook Event and forgot to registrate here? Please contact the Jam Organizer.

**Update 27.1.2016: Woah! Over 30 Participants!!! For all the new participants, here's our official GGJ-Trier Survival Guide:

**Update 13.11.2015: Registrations are open

**Update 13.10.2015: Let's do this!

Jammers: Please review the Code of Conduct here:


Food: We will provide drinks and snacks (bring some cash for that!). You should bring your own Foods/Snacks/Drinks! There are grocery stores 5-10 minutes away to get more items as well as restaurants to escape to (you are welcome to go out). Of course, we will provide a list of well-known pizza deliveries.

Resting: We will try to get a quiet room dedicated for breaks/naps/sleepers (look out for Updates for that). Jammers are strongly encouraged to sleep at night (or at some point!). You are also more than welcome to leave for the night and return in the morning. Bring your own sleeping bag, matress, etc. 

Also please do not forget to bring a tooth brush!

Parking: We'll keep you updated once we scouted out the parking areas.

Please check back here, at our Facebook Event Page or check your e-mails frequently for any further updates once you've registered!

Food Options: 
Access to food in close vicinity. Drinks and snacks provided on site.
Available Tools or Technology: 
We will NOT be providing computers. You must bring your own laptop/computer/monitor/mouse/keyboard/power cable/power strip/ethernet cable. We will have desks and power outlets.
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Age Restrictions: 

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