Bristol (UWE – PlayWest)

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FRI: 2Q51/51 will be available from 4pm.

FRI: Jam launch starts at 5pm sharp!


SUN: 3pm deadline for GGJ site submission & final build! 

SUN: 3.15pm - 4Q56 for your 5 min elevator pitches!

SUN EVE: Drinks at the new SU bar to celebrate yes?


FOOD: Loads of options locally and onsite (student union / core24 etc.)

GEAR: We have 30 laptops & guest accounts for all of our studio machines with unity, adobe creative cloud ready to go. 

STUDIOS: After the launch we will move to 3 x dedicated spaces to work in. All of which have space for group working and _The Cloud WiFi (and eduroam) networks as well as decent AV / projectors etc.

TOOLS: As well as our licenced software (where available) check out these LD Jam resources:

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18+ only

Recently Uploaded Games

Unity developed 8-bit game. Run around turning on the city lights before the timer gets to 0! Solo attempt so still unfinished.
WASD to move....collide with player to lure them to the center, grab a knife and kill out for resurrected zombies!!
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