The Zenith

You vaguely remember that you did something that got you stuck here, but you can't recall what it was. All that matters right now is that you're in a beastly body not of your own, and the promise of your humanity lies at the end of whatever ritual awaits you ahead...
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A Local Game for Local People
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine

Adrianna Munoz - Character Design / Promotional Art/ Title Art

Alex Berryhill - Level Design / Programmer

Alex Chow - Concept Art/3D Environment Modeler/ Promotional Art

Andrea Ratsos - Concept Art / 3D Modeling / Promotional Art

Asher Ely - Lead Level Designer

Catherine Consiglio - Lead 3D Environmental Artist

Cody Shay - Environment Concept Art / 3D Environment Modeler

Conrad Neely - Programmer

Dakota Cortez - Concept Artist / Writer / Dialogue / Graphic Designer / Voice Director / Sound Designer

Daniel Hoshor - Sound Design  / Music Composer

Dylan Jackson - Programming /  Graphic Designer / Sound Editor

Haiying Chen - Rigger / Character Designer / 3D Modeler

Ivanna Zullo - Character Modelling / Concept Art

John J. Raymonds - Level Design / HR Lead

Linh Nguyen - Writer  / Voice Actor / Sound Designer

Louisa Schnalke - Promotional Art

Lucas Rupprecht - Concept Artist / Writing / Voice Acting / Level Designer

Naja Arthur - 2D Animator / Producer

Nixon Poom - Concept Art / Promo Art / 3D Modeling

Peter LeDeoux - Producer / Level Design

Raven Rupprecht - Writer / Concept Artist / Level Designer / Sound Designer

Ryan Ching - Concept Art / 3D Modeling

Sarah McNamara - Concept Art / 3D Environment Modeling / Cinematic

Shannon Devine - Level Design


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