Your very own ritual - The Starter Pack!

Rituals have a long history and people have sacrificed different things to different gods, with various tools troughout the ages. Now is YOUR turn to create your own colourfull rituals. New times need new ideas, better start thinking, creating, and try not to get caught! Most interesting (and hilarious) ritual gets the price. Course of the game: 3-6 players First all the different category cards are placed face down on the table. Player picks one deity card without looking, then places it face up in front of him/her. Then the player takes 2 offering cards, 2 place cards and 2 tool cards into his hand. Don´t show or discuss your cards with other players. Next you have to choose a combo of offering + tool + place. You have one minute to think up the combo and make a description/story of it. After time is up, everyone flips a coin to see which side (good/bad) you get from the deity-card. Then the round starts and you have to tell your story to others, and be as convincing as possible. You can play it safe by choosing easy clichéd combos, or try for the bigger points with imaginative and wild story. Anyway the best story wins. In the end of the round everyone will vote for their favourite story. Every successful story gets points, but the round winner gets bonuses. The game ends when one of the players gets a total of 20 points. In a draw between two or more players, the players have to take a final duel to see who´s the real ritual master. RULES: Offering cards: 20 Tool cards: 20 Place cards: 20 Attack-cards: 10 Protective spell cards: 10 Deity cards: 10 Color codes: (Still in development) Different combos are more powerful or weak. Color codes of the cards tell the player what combos work/don´t work together. Deity cards: The good/bad-options of the deity cards give different endings for your story. If the ritual works with lots of blood and evil sorcery, it is preferably to be done to an evil deity, and vice versa. If for example you were to get an unlucky combo of doing something evil for a good god, you have to quickly change your ritual´s story to come up with something more gentle and nice. Attack cards: (Still in development) Player can buy these cards with the points he has. The point of the attack is to ruin the other player´s ritual and thus leave him completely without points. The attack can happen during other player´s storytelling. Attacker must come up with an attack that fits the story. The answer to this attack is to change the original story and try to dodge the attack successfully. Protective spell cards: (Still in development) Player can buy these cards with the points he has. The player can use a protective spell in two different situations: 1. Protecting himself against other player´s attack: You can use a spell card to stop an attack. You may continue your story after that normally. The attacker must put the attack card away. 2. Dismissing a difficult combo between a story and a deity: If you´re unlucky and get for example an awkward situation with evil ritual and a good god, you can still get pass the ritual with a help of a spell.
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