Woods' Curse

It was an ordinary day in the village - no one knows how or why - the forest went dark... From someplace inside of it, came a terrible spell that covered the whole village, turning all the locals into tiny creatures! But every 100 years they are allowed to perform a ritual that brings to life a human newborn: the only one capable of leaving the village. Despite the young age, in the kids' 13th birthday, the child goes into the woods with the hope of breaking the spell and bringing the little ones to its original appearance once again bringing prosperity and happiness to the village.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Adobe CS package. Maya. Ableton. Fruity Loops. Mixamo.
Installation Instructions: 

On PC just extract the files from the .zip file and open the .exe file. Please use display settings on full HD option (1920 x 1080) for better graphic results.


Kelle Lima Silva (Game Designer, Illustrator, and 2D animator), Hugo Fernandes (3D Modeling, 3D animation and texturing), Antonio Harger (programming), Aline Tenório (Illustrator), Lucas Welton (Illustrator and 2D animator), Claudio França  (marketing and management), Leticia  Pedra Carol (Illustrator), Thiago de Albuquerque (3D animation and audio), Eduardo D'antona (audio), Victor Rafael (programming support) and Andre Oliveira (programming support).

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