The Witch's Apprentice

If you've got a problem... if no one else can help... then maybe you can hire... the Witch's Apprentice.
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Illustrator, Photoshop, Unity 5, Slack, Audacity, Reason
Installation Instructions: 

Taught the dark arts by the Witch, you turn to the light and use your talents for good.
Your ungodly ability will allow you to use the proper ingredients to solve the townspeoples' problems, by throwing the ingredients into the cauldron of doom, causing an unholy union to occur, summoning an abomination which will vanquish wrongdoers who roam the streets unchecked preying on the weak.
You are floating ingredients over the cauldron of doom. You knock (click/press) them out of the air sending them towards the infernal fluids brewing below. But be careful, don't miss, gravity is a witch. 
Choose carefully and fill the desired ingredient pillars in the lower left corner. If you are unwise, the pillars may fall.
Time is the of the essence, Apprentice! Watch the sands of time fill up on the timer above.


Jazen Brown - Digital Artist

Chaz Jenkins - Artist

James Kelso - Sound Effects, Music

Paul McGovern - Project Management, Art Direction, Design

Rob Solomon - Art, Design, Programming

Michael Stumhofer - Programming, Design

Ben Tam - Design, Sound Effects, Programming

Game Stills: