Witches Brew

Each of you will take on the role of one of 'The Witches' having just been scolded by the Goddess Hecate and delivered your ominous premonitions to Hamlet. You have collectively taken exception to being scolded by anyone, even a Goddess, and decide to recruit a few other trusted, and talented, witches from your coven to aid you in a ritual brewing. Your goal is to produce an elixir to turn yourselves into dragons, for not even the Gods trifled with the powerful dragons of old. Collectively you will perfect the recipe for this powerful potion, however, you are a deeply distrustful bunch and it wouldn't do for one of your sisters to make and drink the potion before you, but be careful, if you are too hasty about trying your potion you may find the results undesirable. Witches brew is a hidden information / memory game for 2-4 players. It's simple to learn and actually surprisingly good fun. Players take turns either examining two of the ingredients in the cauldron, taking two more ingredients into their stocks (to make a potion), changing one of ingredients in the cauldron with a random ingredient. Or, taking their chances and drinking their potion! (You can do this any turn you didn't look in the cauldron) The winner is the person to match their ingredients with the ones in the cauldron. There is a companion app that allows you to replace the central cauldron. Additional Diversifiers: Handhi's Game One hand tied
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The Bard's Tale
Companion screen
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.), MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Tabletop Technology
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Physical game with a companion screen written using Brython.
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The physical game is print an play, you just need to print the pdf and cut out the cards (the pdf is in the images folder). If you have card stock you can print onto that, or if you have sleeves you can put them in there along with some old card. For more information check here:


The companion screen (which replaces the central 'cauldron') is written using Brython, a javascript implementation of python in the browser.

To install it you can grab it from


The grab the source code for witches brew and put them in www folder.

There's a server.py that will start a small webserver where you can connect to view the game.


Game designed by Michael Robinson, Gary McDowell, Darrell McDowell and Andrew Young

Companion App designed by Michael Robinson

Witches Brew logo and graphics by Laura McAleer

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