Two players participate in a spectacular dance-off to win the favour of many exotic birds. Charm the birds to your side by executing their dances better than the other suitor. Win over as many birds as you can!
Jam year: 
Gandhi's Game
What made that sound?
LEGO got it right
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GameMaker (any product)
Technology Notes: 
The game should be played using two dance mats. It can also be played with WASD and the arrow keys, but it's very easy this way.


"Team BadSquad" (or BathSquad in English but that doesn't rhyme, so)

Thom van Haren - Art
Thomas Jager - Design
Robert Mertens - Design
Freek Verheijde - Programming
Harm-Jan Wiechers - Audio


Specht = Salko Joost Kattenberg
Drink Vogel = a straw
Bald Eagle = Marco Breemhaar
Free Bird = Florian Kindt
Sparrow = Jou Quim
Flamingo = Eelco Braad
Ostrich = Thomas Jager

Intro birds:

Freek verheijde
Robert Mertens
Thom van Haren
Thomas Jager
Harm-Jan Wiechers
Manno Bult
Mendel Bouman

Unused birds:
Cucoo = Thomas van Halteren
Pigeon = Milan Tent
Penguin = Thomas Jager
Chicken = Matthijs Rosier
Swan = Rene van Pelt
Heron = Joost Bijlsma

(the following were double)
Cucoo 2 = Harm-Jan Wiechers
Ostrich 2 = Teis (Tijs?)

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