The Walk to Secret Ritual

A mystic game in the dark maze. You have to accomplish the old dark ritual but this is not the easiest task ever. RPG turn-based Muliplayer Online 2-4 Players The game start with choosing one spellcaster, which have to find specific items to make the ritual in a special ritual room. The room and every other part of the secret maze are auto generated for every new game. There are two sets of items that can be found for the ritual. 1. Shaman Staff, Skull of Minotaur and Feathers of Harpy. 2. Bokal of the dead, Skull of Witch and Blood of Vampire. Player's turn ends after 20 seconds or after discover two maze parts or after finding an item.
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Jam year: 
To infinity and beyond!
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Installation Instructions: 

1. Install Steam:

2. Register in Steam.

3. Start Steam Launcher and log in.
4. In the Launcher choose in Settings/Downloads - Download Region to be US-LosAngeles.
5. Unzip the game.
6. Run Test.exe file.
7. Have fun :).

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