Voodoo Islands

2 Players per controller: one player moving and creating energy orbs from the blocks one player aiming and firing the acquired energy orbs at the enemy island Build up: • 2 islands made out of blocks • One island is based on Voodoo (curse), the other one on Hoodoo (heal) • Each island has multiple 'Side Rituals’ going on and one 'Main Ritual' • Each ritual is build up out of X amount of parts • Each ritual holds together a part of the island Gameplay: • Players draw energy from blocks from their island, which creates an orb of energy that will be thrown towards the enemy’s island • Orbs dissolve the block they hit when they come down • Once a part of the island is no longer connected with the part the player is standing on; it’ll disappear • The moving player can catch the opposing energy orbs by body blocking them. If he's already carrying an orb he'll get stunned • Once a team's character falls of the island the game ends
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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