Trials of the Elements

Trials of the Elements is about a young soldier who want to follow is father's footsteps of mastering Earth's Elements and become a Captain of the Earth's Elemental Secret Service. The story begins as we follow Barris through his daily ritual of mastering the elements of Fire, Wind, Water and Earth. Each element has its own unique training module that will help Barris master them before he takes on his greatest mission. That mission is to escort the Prime Minister to the Temple City Castle where the Annual Grand Feast will take place. The Grand Feast takes place once a year and features some of the finest cuisines from around the world. Before anyone can enjoy any food the Prime Minister must first bless the food. Barris must travel through the forest and retrieve the Prime Minister but this is no small task as he may encounter Zangief (the Prime Ministers Brother and Former Elemental Captain) and his foes. Zangief always felt as though he should be Prime Minister and when his brother was awarded the role he was furious. Zangief will do whatever it takes to become Prime Minister even if it means he has to take out his own brother. While traveling through the forest headed to Temple City, Zangief ambushes Barris and the Prime Minister. To protect the Prime Minister Barris must defeat Zangief with the Elemental Powers he has masteted. After defeating Zangief and returning to Temple City with the Prime Minister. The General of The Elemental Secret Service promotes Barris to Captain.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GameMaker (any product)
Technology Notes: 
The game combine RPG Maker's strength in RPG style mechanics with Game Maker's flexible tools to create the mini games. The bridge between the two platforms is done by launching the mini game by command line in background. A simple Java program is written to set up the text files that is used to allow the two platform to talk to each other. Most of the art asset came from RPG Maker's builtin library while the background soundtrack is composed in FL Studio.
Installation Instructions: 

Please ensure that Java is installed on the computer before running, or game might crash under certain situation ("talking to assistant before launching mini game"). Please don't launch in full screen mode or the mini games wouldn't show up...


Anthony Roundtree - RPG Maker 

Billy Hau  - Game Maker 

Brandon Clark - Story

Dave Mckee - Background Music


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