Genre: 2-player-local-co-op-asymmetrical action puzzle game, playable with two (XBOX) controllers. Story & Gameplay: Aiko died a violent death and her soul scattered. The anger in her spirit is turning her into a Youkai, at this rate she will be lost forever. Haru is a wandering monk. To save her he first needs to collect all the pieces of her soul, then they must chant the ritual together. Aiko can open doors using her spirit on the orbs, but she needs beware: this will strain her spirit faster accelerating her Youkai transformation. Controls: Aiko (ghost) - move with left stick - activate switches with A or B or X or Y - but be careful - with activating switches you lose way more soul energy Haru (monk) - move with left stick - pick up orbs with A or B or X or Y and put them in the tomb stone with A or B or X or Y
Jam year: 
Gandhi's Game
Common ground
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Zoe Leandra - Design & Art

Rico Schmidt - Design & Code

Joe Abu Aisheh - Design & Levels

Luca Lombardo - Design & Story

Game Stills: