Tales of the Unemployed

Bring light upon the life of an unemployed game developer wandering in his flat. Tired of his daily routine, your quest is to find the new perfect ritual that shall makes him happier, at least for the day. Do not endeavour to change his behaviour; this lunatic piece of meat changes his mind every week. How-to play : --------------------- Each time the game starts, a random sequence of 4 objects is drawn a.k.a. the ritual. You have 7 days to find that ritual by selecting 4 objects in the flat per day. If your selection matches the specific composition and order of the ritual; you WIN. If not, objects in your list existing in the ritual will be indicated to you, by two markers. One tells you that an object from your list is in the ritual at the right place. The other tells you that an object from your list is in the ritual but at the wrong place. Objects from your selection not existing in the ritual will not be indicated through a marker. TL;DR : It's a Mastermind ;) Missing features : ---------------------------- The game currently available is the party (jam) version. Therefore some features are missing and make the game really hard to play. The big one is the markers that show you how much right or wrong your selection is at the end of the day. The smaller one is icons showing your selection during the day. But the engine behind is working, so you can technically win ... it's just not easy. Bugs : ----------- They are plenty ! Annoying bugs are the title screens. For whatsoever reasons the text is displayed outside the screen. So if you see "Morbo wants ...", that means you lose. If you read "A winner is you ...", well I guess you got it.
Jam year: 
Gandhi's Game
Other digital platform
Technology Notes: 
Pc engine game. An emulator or a flashcard is required to play. Tested on: - Real hardware (+ TurboEverdrive) - Mednafen ( http://mednafen.fobby.net/ ) - Ootake ( http://www.ouma.jp/ootake/ ) Tools used: - Huc ( http://www.zeograd.com/parse.php?src=hucf ) - Squirrel ( http://www.aetherbyte.com/aetherbyte-squirrel_for_pc-engine_and_turbografx-16.html ) - GrafX2 ( http://pulkomandy.tk/projects/GrafX2 ) - MappyWin32 ( http://www.tilemap.co.uk/mappy.php ) - PhotoShop
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip the release archive.

Launch your favorite PC-Engine emulator and load the ROM : TalesOfTheUnemployed_PartyVersion.pce.


On real hardware, copy the ROM TalesOfTheUnemployed_PartyVersion.pce on your flashcard/everdrive and Run.

Enjoy XD


Move : D-Pad

Button II - interact with object.



- Florian Dufour
- Bjorn

- MrKaos
- Bjorn

- Bjorn
- Cr30s

- Phaphe's mom & dad
- Astrofra & Scorpheus
- Movida Production
- #GGJ16 @ Orléans

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