Taikakisu: The Magic Cat

You try to summon a great evil to the world with a summoning ritual. However cultist wolves are trying to disrupt your ritual. You fight the wolves off using your arsenal of elemental spells and try to survive until your ritual is complete!
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Leevi Pääkkönen - design, production, level design.

Juho Pirttioja - VFX, sound, 2D-art.

Janne Joensuu - 3D-art, design, VFX.

Lasse Pänkäläinen - 3D-art, sound.

Susanna Raunio - 2D-art, VFX.

Mikko Juutinen - Coding.

Ilkka Raunio - Character design, 2D-art.