Super Winner Chicken Dinner

These two chickens were possessed by Arnold and Selvester and they're being chased by Colonel Sanders and they're racing for their lives. 2 player local multiplayer!
Jam year: 
No retreat, no surrender!
One hand tied behind my back
To infinity and beyond!
What made that sound?
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Installation Instructions: 

Run the executable 


Nichal Arrachande - Audio, Design, Modelling, Texturing, Materials

Tom Jaggard - Audio, Design

Armani Dyer-Miller - Design, Modelling, Sculpting, Texturing, Materials

Niikotey Amon - Design, Modelling, Sculpting, Texturing, Materials, Rigging, Animation

Mehdi Hussain - Design, Modelling, Sculpting, Texturing, Materials

Omar Albadry - Tech, Coding

Adam Minhas - pro-prduction, video editing


Support from our homies

Ashraf Rahman

Zain Khan

Ibrahim Alkhamis

Sammy Manyoskhel

Ahmed Albadry


Source files: