Sun God Arena

Sun God Arena is a majestic stage that used as a never ending battlefield. This battle is performed as an offering for the God of Sun. The warriors believe that death in the Sun God Arena is the most honorable death they deserve. Viewers can send their own warrior to battle in the Sun God Arena and influence the prayers that will be performed in the arena. These prayers will determine what blessing will the Sun God give to the arena. How to Play Each warrior will battle with each other with Rock-Paper-Scissor format. The attack used by the warrior determined by the strategy given to the warrior. The majority of attack used in the strategy will determine the warrior type. Prayer Once in a while a voting will be held to determine the prayer for the Sun God. Type one of the option of the prayer in the chat to vote for that prayer to be performed. The prayer can determine the behavior of The Beast, certain attack boost and so on. Survive as long as possible in the arena by changing your warrior's strategy and influence the prayer to your advantage.
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