Stuck In the Middle with Light

You've found yourself surrounded by demons, and you know you'll never make it past them. Not in the darkness. And then, all of a sudden, a light shines down from above, and shows you what you need to do in order to dispel the demons closing in on you. Vile creatures you can't always see, but you just KNOW they're lurking out there in the inky void beyond your little circle of light. The ritual others have started, but somehow have ALL managed to complete. You have faith that YOU can do it. Which is good, because I don't. Use the mouse to guide your movements; the W, A, S, and D keys to move; and use the spacebar to jump. In-game hints and spoopiness are literally triggered by where YOU look on the screen, thanks to Toobii eyeX. Can you concentrate long enough to complete torch lighting ritual in order to stave off those evil demons? I'd like to see you try it.
Jam year: 
Work and play
MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
We used Tobii eyeX to provide hints and Easter eggs.
Installation Instructions: 

should "just work". build for os x and linux coming in a few hours.


Shalayne Kemp - Game Design / Programming/ 3D Modeling...I guess.

Maximillian Polhill - Game Design / Progrmaming / Music / Sound Design

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