Simon says Mate

The Mate is a traditional South-American infusion drink, very popular in Argentina, Paraguay, Brasil and Uruguay. It's traditionally drank socially with friends, family or co-workers. The same mate is used by everyone and one person, the “cebador”, takes the role of server. Simon Wants Mate is a memory game (kinda like Simon) where we try to poke fun at the “stress” the cebador is put through when he/she makes mate for a rough crowd. In each round of mate the drinkers may want a “bitter mate”, “sweet mate” (with sugar), a "medialuna" or simply to pass a round. You have to remember what each drinker had the last but also pay attention to any change in their needs (though the situation would most likely not go like this in the real world).
Jam year: 
A Local Game for Local People
Gandhi's Game
MS Windows, Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
.Net, Unity (any product)

Core Team

Andrés Milito: Graphic Art & Animation | Music

Cintia Osinaga: Graphic Design

Ignacio QuirozMusic

Juan Sturla: Game Design | Programming 

Julieta Altamirano: Graphic Art & Animation

Lisandro Suarez: Game Design | Production

Sebastián Vansteenkiste: Game Design | Production | Programming


Special Thanks

Gregorio Brando

Nahuel Srebot

Rene Osinaga

Game Stills: 
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