The Settlers of Satan

This game is a parody of the popular board game "The Settlers of Catan". Your objective is to gather resources to build temples and fulfill rituals of sacrifice in order to summon a terrifying creature. Trade resources and buy sorcery cards to help you complete the four rituals before the other summoners.
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One hand tied behind my back
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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The Settlers of Satan - Board Game Rules


Game Components

  • A terrain with 21 spaces, with one of them reserved to the prophet, and 5 port pieces;
  • 5 port pieces;
  • 100 resource cards (25 for each type)
  • Black Sheep
  • White Sheep
  • Ore
  • Skull
  • 24 sorcery cards
  • 14 Imp cards;
  • 6 Progress cards;
  • 6 curse cards;
  • 4 building costs cards;
  • 4 ritual costs cards;
  • 20 towers - 5 for each player;
  • 16 temples - 4 for each player;
  • 16 markers - 4 for each player;
  • 4 player markers - 1 for each player;
  • 60 roads - 15 for each player;
  • 2 dice;
  • 1 prophet;


Game Setup

  • Up to 4 people can play the game. Each player selects a color and takes the towers, temples, roads and markers from their selected colors;
  • Shuffle the sorcery card deck and roll the dice to decide which player is going to play first (the highest number will play first);
  • Each player puts two towers and two roads on the map. Each player must take their building costs card.
  • Each player receive one resource card for each terrain surrounding your first settlement from the bank. Each player must also keep his resource cards hidden in his hand.
    Note: Towers may only be placed at the corners of the terrains, never along the edges. Roads must be placed only at the edges of the terrains


Turn Phases

  • Each player’s turn is composed of several phases, which are described below:
  • Phase 1: You throw the dice for the resource production. The sum of the dice determines which terrains will produce resources. The result of the dice applies to all players that has a tower on an intersection ehat borders a terrain marked with the number rolled receives 1 resource card of the terrain’s type.
  • If you have more towers bordering the terrain, you receive 1 resource card for each tower;
  • Temples give the player 2 resources instead of 1;
  • Phase 2: You may trade resource cards with other players and/or use the ports to trade resources. You can announce which resources you need and what you are willing to trade for them.
  • You can also trade without the other players. During your turn, you can always trade 4 resources of the same type for one resource of your choice;
  • If you have a tower/temple that is interconnected to a harbor, you can trade with the bank more favorably, at a 3:1 ratio or even 2:1 depending on the harbor;
  • Phase 3: you may build roads, towers or temples and/or buy sorcery cards to help you. Refer to the building costs cards to build things in the game.
  • Building Roads: You can build roads anywhere, since it’s interconnected with another road, tower or temple of your own. If you don’t have space to put a new road, you can put it anywhere, since you put a tower with it. A tower just exists if there is an adjacent road of its respective color near the tower;
  • Building Towers: when a terrain produces resources, you receiive 1 resource card for each tower you have adjacent to that terrain hex;
  • Building Temples: You may only establish a temple by upgrading one of your towers. When you do so, you must select one of the surrounding territories to be one of the ritual locations. Temples produce double the resources as towers. When you build a temple and select a location for the ritual, your turn ends.
  • Buying Sorcery Cards: When you buy a sorcery card, draw the top card from the deck and take a look. If the sorcery card drawn is a curse, this card is activated immediately and you are affected by it. Otherwise, you must wait for the next turn in order to use the sorcery cards
  • After you finish your turn, pass the dice to the player to the player to your left, who then continues the game with step 1.



Whenever you build a temple and select the location for the ritual, any player that has a temple surrounding the area can use your ritual location to do its own ritual, but the other player will need to spend an additional resource of his choice (if the other player has a settlement, he/she will have to spend two additional resources.



When a player rolls a 7, the player must move the prophet to one of the territories of his/her choice. All resources from that territory will stop being produced and if the territory is also a ritual location, no one can do rituals in that area until another 7 is rolled or a player uses an Imp card, which allows the player to move the prophet somewhere else at his/her turn.

Also, if a 7 is rolled and there are any players with more than 7 cards, they have to discard half of them (rounded up).


Ending the Game

The first player to fulfill all rituals win the game.


"The Settlers of Catan" is a board game by Klaus Teuber. All rights and credits goes to its owner. No copyright infringement intended.
All elements included in the game are being used under the auspices of Fair Use for the purposes of nonprofit education, comment and criticism or parody as outlined in 17 U.S.C. $107.


Team: Big Camaro Games

Contributors: Thiago Viana, Gabriel Maia, Daniel Capella, Henrique Alves

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