Save her or not?

Our hero is a boy. He live in comic story.One day,The tribe want to sacrifice a girl to make monster happy.Like a ritual.The author draw a bad ending, but our hero hates it.He want to change it.No matter What he did,the end is girl's death.Because it's comic world.No one can change author's idea.He want to find the limbo of comic world In desperation.Finally he found the way, and disappeared in eraser. There is a end and a bad end in this game.We Hope you can find the end,not the bad end : ) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------我们的主角是一个男孩,他生活在漫画世界里。部落里的人想要用一种祭祀的方式让怪物开心,这样怪物不会再攻击部落人类了。最后选择火刑部落里最年轻的的少女。漫画的作者只画了一个坏的结局。但是我们的主角非常痛恨这样的结局。他想改变这个结局。但是无论他做什么都会引向坏的结局。因为这是漫画世界,没有人能够修改作者的议题。最后在绝望下男孩带着女孩走出了漫画世界,消失在橡皮擦之中。 这个游戏里有1个男孩想要的结局,还有一个坏的结局。我们希望你们能找到男孩的结局,并非坏的结局 : )
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
WSAD can control move.J can interactive with comic world

Global Game Jam 2016 Shanghai Team9

  • dogtwo            Designer

  • Daniel Gao      Programmer

  • lankaright        Artist

  • zhuzikangzzk Audio

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