This is a Strategic Puzzle Figthing videogame made at Lima Game Jam 2016, the game is about giving offerings to powerful gods in order to fight each others. ✔ Multiplayer ✔ Available online ✔ Made with love in San Miguel, Lima Perú. ✔ It's really funny.
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One hand tied behind my back
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
It's built with the awesome engine Phaser.js Anyways, I've been using ES6 for a while in other personal projects, and I currently prefer it over ES5 and Typescript. I found the new Class-based syntax to be a better fit for my developer needs. Unfortunately, the best way to access all the features of the new standard is by using a transpiler. This boilerplate is an attempt to reduce the time spent configurating a project and installing dependencies by providing a template that can work as an scaffold for any Phaser game.

✔ Concept Art & Animation

JK (Juan Carlos Villafuerte Gallegos)
JL (Juan Luis Vargas Pareja)
Jess Li (Jessyca Limaymanta Bastidas)

✔ Development

Eyscode (Eysenck Freddy Gómez Orihuela)
Necritos (José Manuel Ríos Vega)

✔ Music

Chi.exe (Fernando Chi Acevedo)

Game Stills: