Rumble Ghost

The exorcist ritual is here. You're a ghost and you have to get rid of the exorcist. Only you can move around the furniture and duties to dodge attacks. Good luck! Play it with earphones to completely enjoy the sound experience, please! ☻♫
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One hand tied behind my back
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Game made with Unity. 3D models made with 3DS Max and Blender. Textures made with Adobe PS. Low Poly and Cartoon Style. Music/Sound made with Studio One & Adobe Audition.

⇒ Rumble Ghost has won the Best Concept Award at Game Jam ODB ⇐

♪♫♬ Original Soundtrack has five tracks and can be listened to entirely here.

  1. Menu: menu and tutorial music of "Rumble Ghost", introducing the player into the mistery atmosphere of the game.
  2. Intro: small introductory cinematic music that precedes the Main Theme.
  3. Main Theme: Frenetic and funny music. The supernatural nature of the characters reflects elements of religious and fear music. Supporting the latter idea, three musical quotes of great themes of horror movies are shown... Are you able to find them? :P
  4. Game Over (Lose): Bad Game Over music.
  5. Game Over (Win): Good Game Over music.

"Only 15 people have still completed it... From 48 millions" - Maikel Ortega, programmer of Rumble Ghost.

This insane game was made by five insane guys:

  • ⌨  Programming by Maikel Ortega and Iván Portillo
  • ✎ Graphics and Animations by Eduardo Delgado and Pedro Pérez
  • ♫ Music composition and Sound design by Fran Romguer
  • ☝ Ideas and concepts by all of them

Exorcist Rumble Ghost

Budist Rumble Ghost

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