Rituals for Enlightenment

This is a Platformer where you control a Monk to the ways of Heaven to attain Enlightenment. There Good - In this path you earn Good Deeds by NOT harming the inocents and NOT being greedy for Aura! 2. The Bad - In this path you can easily make progress but, you harm the people on the Earth as the Sand Tiles fall on them and you break the rules of the Rituals for Enlightenment and also your Good Deeds are Deducted. The Monk needs 100 Good Deeds to go to Heaven and attain Enlightenment.
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No retreat, no surrender!
Gandhi's Game
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Just unzip the folder and open the *.exe file and enjoy the game!


Game Developed by Sarthak Bawal.

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