Ritual: Last Hope

Do you dare to enter the realm of the Wicked Man and defeat his terrifying hordes of monster, in order to awake your fetch and become a Shaman, the last hope of this lost and forsaken world? Move Nisher with the W key to go forward, and the S key to move backward. Shoot fireballs with the left click, hit the enemies with your mighty naginata with the right click, and aim your attacks with the mouse. May the Horned Man be with you. This game was made by developers with only one star, namely, with zero experience in Game Jams. So, we hope you enjoy this demo, of our first videogame!
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GameMaker (any product)

Gampelay One-Star Studios

Yan Nekolo & Brandon Leal - Programation

Mariam Moises & Federico Arias (On the Ground, Groovers Estudio) - Music

Tomas Dominguez - Coordination & Game Design

Lucas Bengualid - Tilesets & Sounds

Sebastian Carro - Animation & Drawings

Jeremias Kahan - Concept Art

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