The Ritual of Jammers

The Rutial of Jammers 是一款2D模拟游戏,玩家需要保障一个GameJam团队在规定时间内完成工作任务。玩家需要保证策划,程序,美术,音乐4名角色保持良好的工作状态,通过使用道具,合理分配资源来面对工作时的疲惫和各种突发事件,使总工作进度顺利完成。 The Rutial of Jammers is a 2D simulation game, players need to ensure GameJam team to complete the task within the allotted time. Players need to ensure planning, programs, fine arts, music 4 roles to maintain good working conditions, through the use of props, allocate appropriate resources to work tired and all kinds of incidents, bringing the total work completed.
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MS Windows, Android device
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Unity (any product)


Team leader:韩超(kaka)
Game designer:顾育维(Welkin、 刘沁(Michael Liu)、黄竹松(Loeast) 、李泽堉
(zeyu li)
Programmer :寇永波(James)  韩超(kaka)
Art designer:林健(Rice lin)崔雪云(vertex) 赵帅(tency)
Music Designer:李季(kyo)
Game test:张建凯(ZeroZero)、闻运升(Archer/)

Thank all play this game player!!!

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