Rites of Ver

The road you followed has ended. As a result of your actions, love has been lost, lives have been destroyed, and futures have ceased. This is a chance for redemption. This is a chance to start a new journey, and make new memories. However, you are not yet ready. In order to gain something, you must lose something as well. Before you start, are you ready to sacrifice?
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Gandhi's Game
Story Mode
Work and play
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine


Akash Agarwal - Programming

Connor Beasley - Level Design

Harrison Eilers - Modeling/Texturing

Justin Dring - Concept Art

Lauren Saffy - Modeling/Texturing

Parker Knowles - Sound

Reef Cole - Writing

Sander Kolodziej - UI Design

Varun Reddy - Programming


Special Thanks:

Raed AlAmoudi - Visual Effects

Garret Kemp - Sound

Clark Peacock - Sound