Rite of the Goddess

Venture in The Temple, following dream-whispered and misteryous orders given from the Goddess herself... As you progress, you will learn more about the characters. Their story, their yearnings, their secrets... The ascension to the top floor of The Tower - the Sacred Room - is full of dangers and spirits of the dead; enemies of the Goddess that must be purged. To defend themselves from vengeful spirits of the dead, each of the servants of the Goddess can perform purifying rites, using their magic candles. Think quickly! Place your candles on the map to perform the Rite of Cleansing: whenever three candles are placed on the stage, any enemies caught in its area are damaged.
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MS Windows
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You need to have Java installed and updated on your PC.

After that, just run the .exe in the release folder!


Caio Caly - game design and art

Pedro Camara - game design and programming

Rodolfo Santana - sound design and music

Heitor Marin - sound design and music



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