One day, a man goes through his usual daily ritual before work. The man then goes to work, has a long, tiring shift and goes home like normal. Until suddenly, he is stopped in the middle of the street on his way home by a mysterious figure asking for a favour. The man refuses to offer the figure his help which little did he know, was the worst mistake of his life. The figure curses the man, but obviously, the man goes home and thinks nothing of it. When he arrives home, the man suddenly blacks out on his sofa. When he awakens, he is mysteriously in his bed, which he has no explanation for and beside him he finds a pearl necklace that doesn't belong to him, along with a rusty, bloody knife… To uncover the truth from the night before and the nights to follow, the character must undergo mental challenges (the maze mini-games), to reveal how this jewelry and murderous weapon has appeared from almost no-where.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GameMaker (any product)

Cate Sampson, Jessica Burnhope, Gabriel Aldridge, Jay Hope, Nathan Mitchell, Josh Curry-Glasper

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