Recipe For Disaster!

The King is corrupt, he must die! But you are but a lowly Chef in the King's quarters, what can you do? You could poison him, sure. But that's not as fun as summoning food monsters to do your bidding for you! Take control of characters such as Buffin, Abominable Toast and the infamous Gingerbread... Person. Collect ingredients and recipes on your way to the King's chambers to summon more powerful foodstuffs to fight off the hungry knights, and slay the dastardly King!
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Within the release folder is a standalone executable for windows Computers, both 64 and 32 bit ,

Also included is the Unity project folder with all assets (including code, sounds and art) which can be run by  Unity3D game engine (


Recipe For Disaster,

by Tim Tom and the Art Folk,

Tim Paisley , Tom Lewis, Stefan Peacock, Micheal Baron 


music - Kevin MacLeod:

One Eyed Maestro
Arid Foothills - The Dark Contenent



Menu Button
Menu Button
Toy button
Success 1
Failure 1


Squeeky Toy.wav


ekokubza123 - punch sounds

castironcarousel - hit sounds 


Dieter Steffmann,  Cardinal

Availabe at 




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