Race To Rapture

Race to Rapture is the game of competitive worship! In this local multiplayer game you have to pray your way to glorious salvation, while fighting your opponents to keep them from being the deity's favorite. Your deity effigy is always constructing, but you can speed up the process by praying, and speed it up even more by praying when the deity is looking. Additionally, you can bonk your opponents to stun them, and bonk their effigies to set back their construction. Be careful though! If the deity sees you fighting, he'll punish you with righteous judgment! This game supports four players, and can be played with XBox 360 controllers or your keyboard. On a keyboard, the controls are as follows: Payer 1: WASD Player 2: GVBN Player 3: IJKL Player 4: Arrow Keys
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MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Developers Michael Bartnett and Colum Higgins

Artists Sebastian Karolkiewicz and Dan Lance

Music and Sound Effects by Thom Strom and Tyler Caldwell

Produced by Dan Lance