Quick Potions

One of the most important rituals of the magic is making potions. But it is well known that this is not easy. You have one minute to do all the potions you can. Choose the correct ingredients using your keyboard, depending on what your customer asks. How many potions are you able to do? | Play it with earphones to completely enjoy the sound experience, please! ☻♫
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Gandhi's Game
One hand tied behind my back
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Game made with Unity. Graphics made by Adobe Illustrator (vectorials) and Adobe Photoshop. Music/Sound made with Studio One & Adobe Audition.

Quick Potions has won the Best Sound (and music) Award and Best Graphics Award at Game Jam ODB ⇐

♪♫♬ Original Soundtrack has two tracks and can be listened to entirely here.

  1. Menu: menu music of "Rumble Ghost". It repeats the Main Theme.
  2. Main Theme: main Theme of "Quick Potions". It walks with the minute that player has to cook the potions and finishes with a coda for the screen where he introduces his name. Lively and funny music with a lively personality. 

"It's my first game as graphist" - Maralba Alcaide, honoree ith with Best Graphics Award.

This absolutely cute game was made by five absolutely cute people:

  • ⌨  PROGRAMMING by David Martínez Lora and Antonio Cobos Cabello
  • ✎ 2D ART by Maralba Alcaide Plou and Daniel Montero Moreno
  • ☝ GAME DESIGN by Maralba Alcaide Plou


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