Punx :: Day 4 - The Man Awakens

Life is good for Phillip P. Sutawney - he has a loving wife, a new job, a great new home. ===== Early one morning, Phil wakes up from an epic dream. He's been enjoying the bachelor's life while his wife visits the in-laws, and last night was no different. Groggy and dissolute, Phil must shake off the haze, get ready for the day and make it to work on time. Help Phil get his affairs in order and make it through the day, or he'll never see tomorrow! ===== Punx :: Day 4 - The Man Awakens is the exciting 4th installment of Phil's 5-part adventure while his wife is away. Following the award-winning adventure, Punx :: Day 3 - Lord of the Ping, Day 4 promises to push boundaries, challenge reflexes and maybe, just maybe, make it to work on time. ===== Be sure to check out the entire Punx series! Punx :: Day 1 "First Day Jitters", Punx :: Day 2 "The Adulting", Punx :: Day 3 "Lord of the Ping", Punx :: Day 4 "The Man Awakens" (Now Available!!), & Punx :: Day 5 "The Silence of the Wife's" (Coming Soon!!) ===== Punx is controlled like a standard first person shooter, with WASD+mouse controls. Explore Phil's amazing new home by looking around for clues, picking up items and interacting with objects in the world. Solve puzzles to earn achieveMUGS and unlock up to 9 unique endings. When played in unison with the entire series, certain choices will carry forward to form myriad unique play-through experiences. ===== AchieveMUGS: Employee of the Year, Husband of the Year, Hygiene, Home-body, Beast Master, and What Day Is It? ===== Heads Up! :: There is a mini-game to be found, which - when played - swaps mouse click functionality to the Enter key :: ESC exits the game :: Unzip and enjoy!
Jam year: 
Gandhi's Game
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
The game is compiled entirely with MAYA and Unity, with hand made sounds normalized in Audacity.

Rob - coding and design

Matt - modeling and audio

Gage - modeling and architechture

Jared - writing and design

Alfred - quality assurance

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