Primary Ritual

Primary Ritual is an exploration game with some action elements, Your goal is to find the the three primary color crystals and return them to the world. Your world however is encompassed by a massive DeathStar inspired moon in which you are trapped.
Jam year: 
Story Mode
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Download the zipped .exe file.

Extract the folder, launch the .exe from within said folder. Do no seperate the 'Data' from the .exe file :)


Movement - w,a,s,d
Look around - Right click (HOLD) 
Flight Mode - While moving (Outside starting area) Hold right click
Shoot - Left Click
Boost - Hold Shift (Only use-able outside Labyrinth)

(Finished but not implemented before deadline - Camera Vignetting, Outside Scene, Key slot win condition, Space scene with deepening storyline revealed, More Music sources).

To Do: Speed Boost and Energy Recharge near Floating Pyramids. Re-positioned Enemies, Animation for Player entering Key Slot, Animation for player opening rear panel to show engine that emits particle effect and trail renderer. 


Thank you for playing our game. I hope you had as much fun playing it as we did creating it! 

3D Assets: James G, Antonio Blanco, Simon Hall, Aiden Blackman.

Concept Art: Antonio Blanco, Colm Leonard

Programming: Colm Leonard

Audio: Sandra, 

Source files: