Perry's Initiation

Perry is being initated by the archdruid with a final task to complete the biggest spell he's ever done and graduate from being an apprentice. Perry must go through the forest to collect the right ingredients for his final spell, but the archdruid has put obstacles along the way in order to test Perry's abilities. Each time Perry comes across an obstacle, he must say the correct spell to destroy it before it destroys him. Perry can't simply jump over many of the obstacles, he must destroy them because each one produces an ingredient he needs for the final spell. Will Perry pass the final test or will he always remain an apprentice?
Jam year: 
No retreat, no surrender!
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash), Android device, iPhone, iPad
Tools and Technologies: 
Technology Notes: 
This game was created using Spark Inspirations | Game Engine - a cloud-based 2D and 3D game engine targeting non-coders and beginners to game development. While currently in alpha and only being tested by a small group of individual, the Spark team decided to use the engine and test it out in a rapid development environment, just exactly what it was meant to do - rapid development. Spark is being created use Haxe, an open source cross-platform language that compiles natively to other languages. Along with Haxe, we are using Flambe, a 2D graphics engine, and Nape for 2D Physics - both of which are open source.
Installation Instructions: 

Browser based, requirements: Firefox browser & microphone

Left click to jump over the small boulders 
Continuous right click while you say the spell to destroy the obstacle



Aris Kostakos - Programmer

Athina Founta - Graphics Designer

Eirini Triantafillou - Concept Art

Eirini Triantafillou & her band 'Noriana' Irish Quartet - Music, Song: Dennis Murphy's & John Ryan's

Theodora Kapsali - Marketing / Game Design

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