The Path

In a secluded land just out of reach of modern life, a small society of monks work towards achieving enlightenment by following The Path.  You have entered into this society, eager to learn.  But if The Path were easy, all souls would have already walked it.  The monks show you that there are many paths that you can take that lead through The Path.   You will come to understand the meaning behind the rituals they perform by following them.
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Comic Book Colours
Gandhi's Game
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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Print out the PDFs on big pieces of card, printing out multiple copies if the PDF filename says so.  SRA3 works best, but you may use a smaller card size and shrink to fit. Cut according to the lines. You may use 4 different coloured tokens instead of the token sheet.


Group design by

Brendan Evans

Sam Gillespie

Jason Kotzur

Michael McIntyre

Tobeh Thomson


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