P.A.I.R. (Paramormally Assisted Inane Ritual)

Meet Jimmy ,an average first-year student who finds himself awakening on a comfortable bed at a house he has never seen before. Meet Walter,the ghost haunting that creepy house. A ritual needs to take place and the materials are scattered around the house.Jimmy has no idea which are they (he actually doesn't have a clue about anything) but the ghost knows.Jimmy can't see Walter,Walter can see Jimmy.Jimmy can touch the ritual items,Walter can't.Walter can use other items to draw Jimmy's attention though. Each of the two players attending each game session will be challenged to cooperate in order to perform that ritual and after that... Note: The version found in this page is highly incomplete.The latest version of this game will always be found in http://1drv.ms/1Sqpnsd .
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No retreat, no surrender!
Gandhi's Game
Story Mode
Common ground
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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