Ooga Booga Wonderland

"Booga Booga Ooga Wooga, haa doo mooga dooba. Blaaga doo Ooga Ooga Booga". Roughly translated* there is said that Ooga Booga Wonderland is based on an old legend, namely of the Incas who were able to ward off the Shaman by the ancient ritual of putting diamonds into one of their totum poles. Ooga Booga Wonderland is a multiplayer game full of mystery, magic, teamwork and strategy. Two players will work together as Incas and they will compete with one other player who will take the role as Shaman. The two players have to work together to perform the legend, while the Shaman player will try to prevent this from happening. The players in the game have to take the roles of the Inca twins Ooga and Booga, or the role of the Shaman Supay. *Translators note: some words were left open for interpretation.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X
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Unity (any product)

Sietse van der Werf

Edwin ten Wolde

Sophia Poelman

Johan van der Meulen

Aisling Wippert

Giel Hekkert

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